Welcome to the new Soundscape holding page.

Soundscape is the exclusive UK and Ireland partner of Müller-BBM ASO for the world leading Vivace and Vicello electronic room acoustic systems.

Soundscape provides acoustic and electro-acoustic consulting and audio systems design using Class 1 sound measurement equipment, 3-D modelling & LIDAR scanning and acoustic modelling.

Over many years working with extensive manufacturers and various versions of audio and acoustic products - as independent consultants, increasingly we found ourselves using a similar range of options. Therefore we have decided to work with these brands and manufacturers as a preference for our projects because we recognise we can trust the quality of the products and the results they deliver.

Our commercial partners include:


Fohhn Audio

Synthax UK (RME, DirectOut, Dynaudio)

VDC Trading (Neutrik, Van Damme)

In doing so we offer an excellent and reliable selection of hardware solutions, with high ROIs, to rooms, venues, projects and business colleagues. Working with our installation and integration partners, we can help resolve problems with room acoustics, including creating variable acoustics to maximise the flexibility of a space - before the audio system is designed. 

We can then design and provide an appropriate audio system to meet or exceed the project expectations, whether as the direct audio supplier or behind the scenes, providing the audio and acoustics expertise as necessary to help fulfil a project’s expectations.

We work to standards such as:

  • BS EN 61672-1:2013
  • BS EN IEC 60268-16:2020
  • ISO 3382-1, 2, 3
  • BB93
  • BS 4142:2014+A1:2019
  • BS 5839-8:2013
  • BS EN 54-2, 4, 16, 24
  • NR/GN/TEL/30137
  • NR/L2/TEL/30134

Soundscape is a privately owned company - based in Scotland/UK.

EORI: GB481358433000                VAT Reg No.: GB481358433                XI EORI: XI481358433000

Stuart Gillan is a member of the Institute of Acoustics (MIOA)


  • Office: +44 (0)800 612 6944 
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